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As many of you know, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2002. I have had my ups and downs with this debilitating, degenerative disease, but I have yet to let it interfere with my sometimes obnoxiously positive outlook on life.

Thanks to changes in my lifestyle(and the miracle of modern medicine), I am currently in a remission phase. I do not experience major symptoms often, nor for any notible legnth of time. One of those changes in lifestyle was excercise; and to aid me with that, my co-worker and friend, Marianne, gave me her old bike whom I have named Celeste. When I got Celeste 12 days ago, I could not ride her home the half mile from the train station. Today, day 12, I just rode her 10 miles, up over hills and everything without having to walk her at all and in just under an hour.

The other day, Marianne emailed me and said that she was going to ride the 150 mile, Oregon MS bike-a-thon in my honor, and would it be ok if she used my name in her fundraising efforts. When I stopped crying, I told her that of course it would be, and that I was honored and touched.

And then I came up with the bright idea of doing the ride too. It is in August, so there is lots of training time, and there are 5 routes, ranging from 41 miles to 178 miles, all over 2 days. I will do the best I can.

I need to wait for payday to pay the registration fee, but after that, There will be a website where you can sponser me. I will be posting the URL here often, as well as hitting those of you who's email addresses or phone numbers I have personally. Yes.. That is right.. The BUG MS RIDE TELETHON has begun. Bwwwaaahahahaha! In the meantime, read up on the ride HERE.

This is a chance for me to do something really proactive in fighting this disease not only for me, but for the thousands of others in this state who suffer from it, and who are maybe not as lucky as I am. So, I will be stepping out of my comfort zone and asking you all to support me. Just thought I would warn you first.


wheelieterp: Head shot of me: black and white. Shaved head. Black, full goatee. Big toothy smile. (Default)

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