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The color scheme is designed to be easily read. Black letters on yellow background is a standard in the Usher's Syndrome community, in which I have been involved for a long time, and so making my blog accessible to these folks from my meat-space life was a priority. Studies also show that this particular contrast makes it easier for the human brain to stay mentally focused on the incoming information.

The color of links is close to the color of the text to cut down on visual distractions, but drastically changes color when moused over, making it easier to know when the pointer is in the correct position. Links are also kept in line of the text, or in an obvious place making them easier to navigate to without a mouse. Finally, the font size is larger for not only ease of view, but also to make the links easier to hit with a pointer.

In-entry photographs will have a caption underneath with a description, and I am also working on learning how to make alt tags, which I suspect I will be using from here on out as well.

Any video appearing here will be captioned. There will be no exceptions to this for videos with spoken English or Spanish (I can't promise other spoken languages.. Those are the only two spoken languages I use fluently). Occasionally, there maybe videos containing ASL that will not offer English translations. I am happy to discuss this hypocrisy, but I will point out that I cop to the hypocrisy for what it is, and I am ok with it in certain situations. (IMPORTANT NOTE: English captions are not always successful avenues to language access... Help me brainstorm some ways to improve the language access here!)

I believe my blog to be accessible; which is to say, I think it meets a minimum standard to which people can get to it and navigate it enough to influence it. That means it's a good starting place, and since I am trying to build a community here, I expect it to improve from input. Since it is intended to be a common space of sorts, a community of my own making (Bugville..LOL), it may never be perfect for anyone, but I hope it can come close for many, and that the burdens and barriers that do inevitably exist are equally and/or justly distributed.


wheelieterp: Head shot of me: black and white. Shaved head. Black, full goatee. Big toothy smile. (Default)

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