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My migration here to WheelieTerp from Dodgingwindshields is having a cascading effect on my social networking life. I have been trending towards two separate online identities--one more professional, and one more personal--for a while now. It's happened sort of organically, which could be construed as suspicious; like I am trying to hide something from some people. But through this very intentional process of the new domain, I realized something: the work I do is within a community that is immensely diverse in ideology and politics and yet we all work together (sometimes even successfully). But, the point is the community of it all. I am not hiding. I'm respecting.

To whit:

If you are in my life primarily as a colleague, and you suspect it may be best to keep it that way, or if you have some other relationship to me where distance from certain topics may be appropriate (Mom, I'll email you the good entries), I ask you to self-select out of reading this blog. I don't want to have to chase filters so diligently any more. This is about journaling, yes, but it's also about me building my community, and walled-off communities don't grow.

The places where I write and network and even socialize and play with my colleagues are my Facebook and my Northwest Interpreter Works website (please check out and contribute to the forum there!)

For the rest of you, join me here or follow WheelieTerp on Twitter!

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wheelieterp: Head shot of me: black and white. Shaved head. Black, full goatee. Big toothy smile. (Default)

February 2011


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